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The Atelier

An explanation behind The Atelier

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You might have noticed that one of our projects is called The Atelier. As you might know Atelier is French for the studio/workshop of an artist or artisan. We’re going to use The Atelier Project as our output for creating art prints using open source tools. 

It would be considered a success if Sparkwood and 21 could fund itself and so we’re looking at various ways to do this. One way is to generate a passive income by selling products and prints through our store.

Alongside our other projects we’ll be creating digital art prints using only open source tools. Tools like Inkscape, Krita, and Blender. These prints will be sold via society6.com (as well as a few other select online stores) who will manage the payment, print and posting of these prints.

There will also be limited edition runs of alternate versions, and special edition prints throughout the year and these will all be handled directly by sparkwoodand21.com itself. They will be printed locally, signed and numbered, and might come with a surprise or two.

We’re also expecting some of our projects to have outcomes that are products (like the creativity cards or the guitar tab books) and we will sell these through our store as well. These are more likely to be very short runs of bespoke and made-to-order products. We’ll probably re-develop the most popular products for mass production, but let’s not run before we can crawl.

This project will be ongoing and mostly explore the feasibility of using open source design software to create professional quality prints for sale to the public.

You should follow @sprkwd on Twitter to keep up to date with our latest products, prints and offers. Amongst other things.




New Amsterdam-based creative studio opens doors

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Sparkwood and 21 is a new creative studio based near Amsterdam that’s been set up by Duncan McKean, a designer originally from the UK. It is named after a location in 90s TV show Twin Peaks.

“There’s a great opportunity for a small and simple studio that can design, develop and manufacture short runs of products and prints for a consumer audience,” Duncan says. “We’ve got a whole load of ideas that we want to see the light of day and Sparkwood and 21 is the place to realise them.”

Duncan also says that part of the studio’s mission is to explore how open source ideas and philosophies can be transferred to a live studio environment in a way that makes it financially sustainable.

Contact our Creative Studio

Anybody interested in finding out more should get in touch via info@sparkwoodand21.com.