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Sustainable Websites 🌿


Try and make your websites as sustainable as possible. That means:

  • Using green / renewable energy hosting and servers
  • Making your page load speeds really quick
  • no massive files and images
  • really basic HTML / CSS / smattering of JS
  • use SVGs where possible, not bitmaps
  • host assets not CDN them.

Having sustainable websites is a great step towards countering the climate crisis. You can check your website carbon and see how it’s doing.

Here’s a solar-powered website using a Raspberry Pi as a server.

This is good too:

The trouble with a CMS like WordPress and an ever ready theme is that they are terrible resource hogs. It would be way better if this entire site was a flat-file layout for page speed and then because it’s a shop integrate some sort of Stripe Checkout attached to it.*

*This is something to look at in the future when I am not concentrating on growing a brand / commerce store.