Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside the UK?2023-03-24T23:24:12+00:00

No, sorry. This is our UK shop. Also, Brexit is a terrible thing.

How do Discount Codes work?2023-04-20T12:15:48+01:00

Discount or coupon codes work in one of three ways:

  1. On the discount codes page there will be a puzzle to solve. The solution of this will be a discount code that will allow a 21% discount off any purchase.
  2. Some individual products will have their own discount code puzzles that you can solve to get a 21% discount on that product only.
  3. Other individual products will have the discount code as part of the design on the product. Once solved, this will give you a 21% discount code on that product only.

Couple of thing to remember:

  • Only one discount code will work per product. You cannot stack them.
  • Discount codes do not work on sale items.


Where does the name Sparkwood and 21 come from?2023-03-24T23:26:24+00:00

Ever seen the TV show Twin Peaks? There. It comes from there. This is James Hurley. He might have been the last person to have seen Laura Palmer Alive.

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