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As with most things, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and so have to go and fill in some gaps in my background knowledge. And so I’m gonna have a pause for learning.

I’m developing Medicine Edison in Godot. The code used in this game engine, GC script, is akin to Python. Python is a really good all round language to learn.

I haven’t programmed properly in YEARS. And recently when I did, it was HTML, CSS and a dabbling of JS and PHP. And before that it was BBC Basic.

Give the game and its development the attention it deserves, I’m going to have to refresh my basic programming principles. You know, lists, dictionaries, loops, all that jazz. It’s all in my brain somewhere, it just need nudging awake and feeding coffee. A lot of coffee.

Here’s the plan

Go through this book as a refresher.

A pause for learning
Thanks to Humble Bundle from about 2 years ago for this book!

I’m hoping that this will give me a nice programming foundation refresh that I can then use going forward into running through the Godot resources I have. Plus, it should give me a bunch more knowledge about stuff that could help in other ways.

Next, I’m gonna hit up the Godot engine documentation itself. This runs through a how to make a 2D game and how to make a 3D game. Plus, this will really help with familiarisation to the ecosystem as well.

Finally, I have a really good Udemy course that I bought aaaaaages ago. It’s no longer available to register, but it’s called Discovering Godot: Make Video Games in Python-like GDScript and it goes into waaaay more detail into using Godot.

I reckon if I schedule time out of my life to go through this learning path, it’ll make sure I know all the things I need to know so I can actually get off the ground with this game.

What I do have to do is to be mindful that this is a path to refresh my programming skills and give me knowledge I do not have in order to be able to make this game the way that I want to play it. This is not me over-procrastinating as I am wont to do and putting obstacles in my way because I’m scared of failure.

Can’t tell you how long a pause for learning will take, but I feel if I document it, then it’ll feel like positive progress.


Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.

Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.