pine tree forest in mist

All change for the new year


I’ve been doing all these projects of mine under different guises for quite some time. One project I have catalogued as this identity, another project as that identity and quite frankly it’s exhausting.

So I’m collating them all under Sparkwood and 21. As it should be. More importantly, I’m only going to be focussing on music-related projects for the forseeable future. It’s what fluffs my chicken. It’s what keeps me up at night with the excitements. It’s what I go and do when there’s nothing else to do (other than tweak this website!)

All the other projects will be suspended, not abandoned and will still be available somewhere on this site, but the focus going forward will be with making music and designing products related to music in some way or another.

It’s part of my treat-your-website-like-a-home-not-an-airbnb project. Fill it with the things I love.

I’ve been working on music, more music and planning what I want to do for 2022. This is where you’ll hear it first.

Go be awesome.