Hello. I want to talk about my lack of concentration and supporting myself going forward.

I have trouble concentrating on things for long and seem to want to chase after the new shiny leaving half-finished projects in my wake and the inevitable depression, self-loathing and ennui that follows.

Slowly documenting stuff on Sparkwood and 21 should help me calm this down a little and FOCUS on completing a thing. If I have two(2) things to work on I can swap from one to the other and hopefully keep everything fresh. Any more than that and I’m liable to take on too much and burn out. The reward of getting something completed and out there makes me feel amazing, so more of this please.

The other thing I’m gonna need to do is organise this site to help create a small income to support me as I develop these games. I’d like to give Space Station Simulator away for free (much like how Dwarf Fortress does it) so I can develop relatively publicly and grow a community of folks who are interested in building space stations and science and shit like that.

I currently have DAYJOB(TM) which keeps me in food, anti-depressants and coffee, but eventually a full transition to working open projects like these is on the cards. All going well withe the world.

Currently this is involving unique prints, t-shirts, and other things that fall out of my head and appear to be relatively relevant to games, technology, geek space stuff, maps etc… for sale through the Sparkwood and 21 shop.

You will know that what you’re buying goes straight back into supporting this game.

This is of course a 5+ year plan and we’re starting out with very, very small, slow steps.