I’m trying to build something here…


… I’m just not sure what it is.

Sparkwood and 21 has always been my safe space, It’s my part of the internet that is wholly mine and I can do with what I want. It’s been around in different guises since around 2009 and has mainly been where I show off my design chops or get jobs or write articles about anything ranging from design and software development through to occult practices as creativity and mental health issues.

And then occasionally I have a brain fart, delete everything and start again.

This time, I’m trying not to do that. This time I’m trying to make sure that it all gets left alone for long periods of time so the site can evolve and turn into something as opposed to sprouting from my forehead fully formed.

And so this is what I’m attempting to build this time around:

A small creative studio

This is where I present things I create so I can show people and they can go “oooooh, aren’t you good at stuff like this” and I get personal validation and that dopamine hit. To be honest, my interests are many and so instead of wiping it all out and starting again I’m just going to add to them again and again and again. There will be themes from the studio as they always usually revolve around games, programming, stuff made from wood, folk crafts, music and pop culture. So just expects stuff like that and you’ll be golden.

A small online store

Did you know eCommerce is the future? During my real life I work at the crossing of digital design, software development and ecommerce and I know my onions. I’m hoping I can borrow these onions and cook up something for this site that helps me sells things that I…. well, basically invent. Now these are currently images I have made. And they’re not selling very well. I guess this is because I’m not promoting them and everything takes a long time when there’s only one of you and you’re usually overwhelmed by everything all of the time. But it’ll happen.

And there’s plans for more things to be invented and sold: an interesting clothing brand, games… mostly video, things made from electronics and wood, maybe musical things. There’s probably more, but there you go. Enough for now.

When I lie back and daydream about the future, the things I sell through this site sustain me and my family. My family become a part of this online store and things that they create get sold here too. A micro-family business, if you will. Sustaining us so we can live how we live and where we want to live: off grid, in the countryside surrounded by bees and flowers and vegetables.

As is said, it’s a daydream. But it’s the bit that’s going to keep me going.

A free resource

After umpteen years of therapy a bunch of things have fallen out of my head about me that I wouldn’t have realised myself. I thrive on helping people learn new things and understand difficult things. Ethics are really important. As is privacy. And security. I really relate to the ideas of community, the FLOSS movement and helping each other. I like sharing what I know and I like learning things. Being creative, helping other people and learning things are basically what drives me. And fairness. Things have to be fair.

So the resource I’m making is what was traditionally known as a Commonplace Book. A book of useful jottings and things to remember and search up. Although mine is getting done on WordPress as almost like a Wiki. People sometimes call it a digital garden. I’m taking aspects from both. Plus, I’m calling it the Studio Notebook.

When I need to remember things or learn new things or find out about things that I’m interested in, I’m going to add another page to the book. It’ll always be in various stages of development, it’ll probably never be complete. But that’s okay. That’s what it’s supposed to be. And I’m going to publicly put it up here so that other people might find it useful as well as me.

Anyways, I want to let this site grow. I want to watch it mature and be the reflection of me online. A reflection of me that I’m proud of and keeps me interested and passionate about all sorts of things for years to come.

That’s for putting up with me.