Yes, you read that right. We have a blog. It’s just a way to communicate what we’re up to and what we’re making and what things have piqued our interest along the way.

What we are up to

There’s a few things on a variety of burners all simmering away behind the scenes:

  • A fun social party game. For aliens.
  • A Lovecraftian tale of insanity and investigation.
  • A simple, small, beautiful platformer

As with all things, these are all in various stages of development and some might even completely change or get scrapped. So don’t rely on what you see here until it actually gets shipped.

Anyways: Hello! If you want a whole bunch of short and quick updates, then it’s better to check us out on @sprkwd on Twitter. Any other social media that claims to be us, isn’t. We’re only using Twitter at the moment.


We like your hair.