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How to get yourself to do things 🌿


Just do the bloody thing.




The 10 minute rule: if you want to do something, really force yourself to do it, but only for 10 minutes. If you want to build a daily habit, commit yourself every day no matter how you feel, but only for at least 10 minutes.

The One Rule: More generally, if you have a bunch of tasks, commit yourself to at least one. Don’t necessarily push yourself to do everything but force yourself, no matter how hard, to do at least one. If it’s a big task, break it up into smaller tasks.

This one rule is seriously like a magic bullet. 90% of the time you’ll end up doing everything. Somehow you’re brain just goes from thinking “I hate this, it’s so hard” to “wow, this is easy, let’s keep going”. The other 10% of the time, you can keep your pride, because 1) you at least tried, and 2) it’s sometimes a sign of an actual issue (e.g. you feel bad running because you’re actually sick). I’ve heard this advice many times, and somehow I’ve never yet heard a single person say it didn’t work for them.