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OSC Controllers & visual scripting


This is a list of sites that have things that you may or may not be able to build touch midi / osc controllers that could help with making music and making visuals.

  • — 2d and 3d visuals
  • — deadmau5 and touch designer creator making a things that you can build osc controllers for music & visuals
  • — touch designer make a thing where you might be able create the above. Because they did it with this:
  • You might be able to use for designing interactive touch panels as well
  • — could probably make something like this as there are MIDI / OSC plugins for it, as does and that can do the visuals
  • — build your own thing and it’s open source so you could link it with and processing (above)
  • Reaper also has a couple of amazing plugins: — for session views like Ableton & MIDI /OSC plugin for reaper

There might be more, but this is it for now.