Here’s how to install SpaceVim on MacOS.

Vim is already part of MacOS so there’s no need to install that. You can install neovim (runs as nvim) via homebrew.

Install Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Install neovim

brew install neovim


cd ~/.SpaceVim/bundle/vimproc.vim



Fixing weird missing icons in space vim:

Install SpaceVim

Here’s a lovely guide:

But basically it boils down to:

curl -sLf | bash

Learn how to use SpaceVim

:help tutor

You might find that there’s a bunch of [?] type symbols knocking about in your SpaceVim. Here’s how you’d get rid of this.

Clone this repository:

git clone

Install a patched font

cd nerd-fonts

This command will install all the patched fonts


or Install a specific font, this command will install patched Meslo font, with Powerline and DevIcons

./install Meslo

After that, either set the GUI font in the Vim config or set the font for Non-Ascii character in iTerm2


Useful Vim Commands


:e            open file in vim
:e .          open file browser in vim 
[esc] ZZ      save file & exit vim
:w            save file => [esc] w       save file  
:w foo.txt    save as filename
:q            quit page

i             insert text to be written
[esc]         escape out of that

:vnew         new vertical window
:new          new horizontal window
[ctrl] + w    change window (x2 on MacOS)
:term         terminal window / buffer

:set ma       set modifiable => also :set modifiable
:set noma     unset modifiable