Some sort of guide to using vim + neovim. Why? Because it’s a bit of software that literally comes with every single computer. And you can develop in it.

Use it

Type in vim or nvim

Learn how to use Vim

:help tutor

Useful Vim Commands


:e            open file in vim
:e .          open file browser in vim 
[esc] ZZ      save file & exit vim
:w            save file => [esc] w       save file  
:w foo.txt    save as filename
:q            quit page

i             insert text to be written
[esc]         escape out of that

:vnew         new vertical window
:new          new horizontal window
[ctrl] + w    change window (x2 on MacOS)
:term         terminal window / buffer
[ctrl] + \, [ctrl] + n     come out of the terminal window (written like this: <C-\><C-n>)

:set ma       set modifiable => also :set modifiable
:set noma     unset modifiable

Some command line stuff that might be useful as well: