November 2021 Progress Report


Had a bit of a shuffle around on the site. Consider it the equivalent of moving the furniture around to make the place a better machine for living.

It’s all in the homepage, have separated it into 3 sections: current projects I’m working on, blog posts and a bunch of merch sold through the site. I feel like this is something that I can keep for an extended period of time and not need to change. (This is, of course, going against everything I do, think and feel.) 

Work on Medicine Edison has slowed to a halt as I have become more obsessed with music. But it has not gone away. I’m doing what all game developers tell you to do: REDUCE THE SCOPE. So this is the next bit of the plan:

  • levels are worked out, they just need to be built
  • 5 different monsters that move and kill in 5 different ways
  • reskin the monsters to fit the style of each of the 4 levels
  • do the functionality of the whole thing using placeholders
  • make nice art
  • agonise over every decision

I’m sure there’s more, but building the world out of black blocks and then artworking the stylings of the blocks is something I can be getting on with. So that’s next.

Skinny Feels goes on its merry way. Working on something in the background that’ll take a while. Will include more processed guitars. This is good. Although I might release it as Sparkwood and 21.

Have a new musical project called the  Lanterman Sessions (It’s the Log Lady‘s surname) which will explore 4/4 128 BPM electronic music with limited tools. And visuals to go with that. That’s all I have. Let’s see what evolves out of that. It’s a work in progress. Expect things soon.

That’s it for this month. See you on the flipside.