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Nothing of interest happened this month pertaining to the site. Other more interesting things have happened on a personal level, but these will not be covered here.

Did no development on Medicine Edison. Space OS is currently on hold while I sort a few things out. There are other projects in the works, but I am going to reorganise the website to fulfil these needs better.

I am taking the approach that I will acknowledge that I am flighty and add all the projects I am working on and want to work on and put them all onto the homepage with progress bars showing where I am in the whole process. Each of the individual pages will have relevant develops of what I’m specifically doing. This should mean I can dip in and out of whichever project takes my fancy and not get all weird about it. At some point, they’ll all be finished and… yay me!


Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.

Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.