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Some vaguely site and game related things going on.

Medicine Edison: Have literally done nothing on it.

Space OS: Set up a development flow and am learning C to build it. Am on Chapter 4 of Learn C in 38 seconds (or whatever it is called).

Website: updated to something simpler and easier to maintain. I’d rather be coding / learning / making / designing / weeping into my pillow than permanently tweaking websites.

Having said that, I’m building out a new shop that will (hopefully) fulfil all my needs for merchandise and ways that folks can support what I do. i.e. buy something and the profit goes back into Sparkwood and 21 in the form of hosting fees, license purchasing, training and development and, of course, coffee.

To alleviate boredom. Am working on 2 games so I can swap when stumped or bored. I’m using one of them to learn C, then C++ so I can then develop games a little easier in Unreal Engine as well as Godot Engine. I believe C/C++ is the most useful programming language for me to learn in order to be more useful with the tools I use.

Had a bit of a diversion where I went and set up a pretend business that would exclusively design operating systems for future space vehicles, fiddled with it for 72 hours and then realised that I was… procrastinating and needed to get back to whatever it was I was doing. Which is this.

I think that’s it for September. See you in October where things might be a little more interesting.


Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.

Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.