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Project Description

Studio Notebook

A Commonplace bookย (or commonplaces) is a way to compile knowledge, usually by writing information into books. They have been kept from antiquity, and were kept particularly during the Renaissance and in the nineteenth century. Such books are essentially scrapbooks filled with items of every kind: recipes, quotes, letters, poems, tables of weights and measures, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas. Commonplaces are used by readers, writers, students, and scholars as an aid for remembering useful concepts or facts. Each one is unique to its creator’s particular interests but they almost always include passages found in other texts, sometimes accompanied by the compiler’s responses.

This is my version of the commonplace book. The Studio Notebook. Filled with things that I want to try and remember or find useful enough to refer to more than once. It’s all interconnected much akin to a wiki and so there’s not really a start page as such. Below you’ll see different ways of getting into the notes. Part of the appeal is browsing and falling down a rabbit hole of information and so I’ve tried to keep that serendipity. Hopefully too, there will be something in there that you might find useful.

All commonplace books are a work in progress and a never actually finished. Expect this resource to be the same.


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