Statement of Intent

By 22 April 2018 August 24th, 2018 Propaganda

Hello. Apparently, I make some sort of Statement of Intent with the things I create.

It’s been a while. How have you been? Has that rash cleared up yet?

I’m writing a small post on Sparkwood and 21 about Sparkwood and 21. As you may or may not know, Sparkwood and 21 is a small side project that I occasionally pootle along with whenever some sort of thing I like gets traction I tend to focus on that for a while and then rechange exactly what Sparkwood and 21 is actually trying to be.

Currently it is games. Previously, it has been graphic design, book design, a human-centered design studio and a hole in the ground where I go to hide away from the world until it goes away. In the past I’ve liked to change things up. These days I’m trying to settle down and be consistently using Sparkwood and 21 as a way to promote myself through the things I create and see what opportunities come from that.

One of the things that helps me develop and create is having an audience, however small. It gives me some sort of responsibility and it means that I have to. Even if it’s small steps. So, I’m probably going to be blogging once in a while. And then smearing it all over the social media like some sort of disturbed and caged primate.

If that’s your bag baby, then well done us. Otherwise: oops.

Anyway, I’ve done my rambling statement of intent, blah blah blah, welcome along for the ride. Lets see if I can do something with this and that it changes my life.


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