The year of video games – 2019 and onwards

By 18 February 2019 March 5th, 2019 Propaganda

Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash


We haven’t done one of these in a while.

Duncan has been looking ahead at what 2019 is going to look like for Sparkwood and 21. And has turned up the following.


Sparkwood and 21 are going to spend the next few years working on a selection of video games.┬áThe first two video games have already been assigned the codenames Laura and Donna and we’re hoping to get pre-alpha tests completed by the summer.

We’re not turning our backs on board games and RPGs, just letting them take a back seat for a little while. There’s still a couple that are going to fall out of the system, but they will happen when they happen.

We’re hoping our mission of small, beautiful games will continue forward into whatever games we create in future.


Another thing we are looking at is expanding the team down here in Bath and considering hiring developers and artists and musicians across Europe to become part of the Sparkwood and 21 family. The team is currently very small (and beautiful), but we’d like it to be a little larger, and friendlier. We are looking at this becoming a thing right at the end of 2019, so don’t expect any exciting announcements just yet. And don’t send us any CVs until we start asking for them.

Securing Finance

Finally, 2019 is most likely the year that we become an official limited company, locate premises and secure ongoing funding one way or another. It’s early stages yet whether we’re going to go the more traditional route of funding (game sales), something a little more investmenty (i.e. via local, national, European) or via Patreon / Kickstarter / something Weirder. This is currently a work in progress.

So in summary, change of tack, officialising, expanding, solidifying, gaming.