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I have decided to make a Space Station Simulator. At some point in the future. Here’s why and how.

Amongst other things I’ve got a background in Web Development (front end). I want to get some new skills in programming. But not in a web friendly programming language. I’m a bit over “The Internet”. I wanted to learn something a little more hardcore. Like C. Good solid language. Maybe even a little C++. As it’s also pretty useful.

I’m gonna learn C / C++.

The best way to learn something is to use it in a practical application. So I am.

I love games. I’ve made a couple of board games and spent my youth tinkering with platformers. I tabletop role play incredibly often, war-game Space Marines and occasionally crack out an old board game. Plus, I love complex open world video games like Skyrim, No Man’s Sky, Dwarf Fortress, Spore, etc…

I’m gonna learn C/C++ by making a game.

I also like science fiction. Hard science fiction. Science fiction that feels realistic. (You can see where this is heading).

Put all 3 together and I’m gonna make a hard sci-fi video game written in C / C++.

Now, I really like sci fi shows and films that are set on large ships and space stations: Solaris, Sunshine, All the Star Treks / Wars, The Expanse, Event Horizon, 2001, etc. It’s that future where the universe is open to you and you can go anywhere and do anything. Love it.

So I’m now going to make a hard sci-fi video game written in C / C++ about space stations. Great. This sounds amazing.

And so here we are. I have several books and references on how to learn C / C++. I have an Obsidian knowledge base full of space, science, physics, code snippets and formula. And I’m thoroughly excited about it all.

Yes, I know it’s going to take a long time. Yes, it is going to be a series of very, very small steps. You know, I’m okay with that.

Let’s do this. You in?


Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.

Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.