Welcome to Sparkwood and 21. Fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee.

Hello, I’m Duncan. This is my little online creative studio where I work on weird projects. I’m trying to find ways of moving my life away from more traditional ways of living to some guy living in the woods making stuff and trying to live slightly more outside the system.

Random project


Skinny Feels

Skinny Feels is a musical project. The music is described as “darkly electronic” and “occasionally industrial”.

My studio also has an open reference guide based on the idea of a commonplace book: Snippets of information that I find useful and you might find useful too.

Most recently updated Reference entry

2021 Books I’ve read 🌱

NOS4A2 - Joe Hill Seveneves - Neal Stephenson All the Expanse Novellas - James S A Corey Hyperion - Dan Simmonds [...]

If you’ve got any questions, hit me up on mastodon.

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