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Sparkwood and 21 is a small studio + shop founded by Duncan McKean. It is fuelled by good music and damn fine coffee. 

It’s been going in one guise or another since 2009.

Previously, it was based in Amsterdam, then aboard a boat in South West England, then in the Coolest Place in the UK. Currently, it is based in the mouth of a dormant volcano in Bath, UK.

It is also the location where Laura Palmer was last seen alive in the cult TV show Twin Peaks.

contact: mail[@]

This iteration of my little studio is where I allow myself to make and build whatever I want and, if it’s suitable, let it out into the world. It’s a great way of keeping one foot in the creative world, the other in the technical world and encompasses a whole host of things I’m interested in.

I’m also keeping an open notebook as part of the studio reference.

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