One of my clients gave me quite the challenge: they wanted me to design and make a board game based upon a board game vaguely mentioned in the Game of Thrones books called Cyvasse.
Challenge accepted. This board game has been developed from fan-made rules and the few mentions it gets in the Song of Ice and Fire books. Each symbol has been hand-drawn then laser engraved into each piece. The board and all the pieces have then been hand-finished and waxed for protection.
  • Board size 350mm x 350mm
  • Set up screen 400mm x 230mm
  • 66 land tiles
  • 46 player pieces
  • Two different sets of rules for two different gameplay styles
cyvasse game of thrones board game
game of thrones board game
game of thrones board game
Cyvasse board
“Cyvasse, the game was called. It had come to the Planky Town on a trading galley from Volantis, and the orphans had spread it up and down the Greenblood. The Dornish court was mad for it. Ser Arys just found it maddening.”
— A Feast for Crows, George R R Martin

Now available to purchase.

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A Game of Thrones board game

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